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February at West Cattle Company

Hello February!

The year has started out with a bang! January rushed by so quick and here we are almost half way through February. We have been very busy feeding cows, organizing our processing dates, and rolling out our beef bundles! Thanks to all of you supporting us, we have started out 2022 with a success! So far, the Ohio trip is on track and we are looking forward to introducing our beef to a whole new group of customers.

We have increased the amount of feed we are providing daily to our young cows/steers. As is typical throughout the winter, natural grass in the pastures gets harder to find as it has already been consumed by the cattle. On top of running out of feed, the cold days and high winds are taking its toll on the overall health therefore, we have to combat those environmental stressors with increased energy in the form of hay.

Likewise, we are gearing up to bring the big herd in to closer pastures, where we will be able to more easily feed the older cows in an effort to improve their body condition as they begin the third trimester of their pregnancy. The goal is to get them to peak condition before they have their baby calves so they can be the best moms they can be.

We are running more steers than we ever have and as a result, we have to keep our eyes open for illnesses such as Water Belly. Water Belly, is essentially kidney stones in young steer calves that are caused by a lack of water. It can sometimes be hard to spot, but it is serious and can be fatal if not observed and resolved quickly. The signs we typically look for are isolation, switching the tail repetitively, and kicking at the belly. Ideally, the animal must be taken to the vet, where they perform a small operation to find and remove the stones. If the stones cannot be found, sometimes the urethra is rerouted to bypass the problem area. The best thing to do is to avoid it all together by making sure the young steers have an easily accessible water source. It is easy to get complacent and just go out feed and come into the warm house, but it is important to check on the animals and look for the signs of serious illness.

We hope everyone is having an amazing start to the year, and we look forward to continuing to send out our blog posts and hopefully see you soon at one of our beef deliveries!

Live the Legend,

West Cattle Company

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