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  • Is your beef inspected?
    Our beef is harvested and processed by a small family owned processor. A USDA inspector is present and inspects every head that comes into their plant. This inspection ensures the quality of the processing and the use of Humane Handling procedures.
  • What do your cattle eat in the winter?
    Winters are trying times for our cattle. Wyoming winters are harsh with consistent deep snow and high winds. Even through these trying times, our animals still need to graze. We feed our animals our own hay that has been harvested from our meadows and stored.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    You may cancel your order at any time, however, the deposit will not be returned to you. Our processing dates fill fast and we want to ensure our customers receive their processed meat when they want it. A cancelation leads to trying to find a customer to take the beef you canceled and may also lead to storing the meat until we can find another customer.
  • Who processes West Cattle Company beef?
    Our animals are processed by Steving Meats in Kersey, CO. We have been happy to work with Steving Meats for several years and are confident in their safe, humane, and quality processing. They are a USDA inspected facility with an inspector carefully examining every animal that comes into the plant.
  • Growing Grassfed
    Growing grassfed beef requires more patience and time. Our animals eat only from the native grasses forbs and legumes from the native pastures and meadows on the ranch. We do not finish them on corn or grain. By finishing them on grass, it takes a little longer to get them to the appropriate weight for processing. When we work our cattle, we do it quietly and humanely to keep their stress level as low as possible. We are proud to only raise and sell grassfed/grass finished beef and we believe the quality and difference will speak for itself.
  • How do I contact you about my order?
    We would love to hear from you! You can email us at or contact us by phone at (307)-331-1905.
  • How is West Cattle Company beef packaged?
    Cuts are vacuum packaged into BPA and BPS free cryovak packaging. Packaged servings are done according to customer specifications. Steaks can be packaged individual or two per package and hamburger can be packaged into one pound and two pound packages. Roast sizes are packaged according to customer preference. Other cuts like hearts and tongues are sold by the piece. Meat that has been vacuum packaged should never freezer burn unless there is a puncture in the packaging. Please handle meat carefully when placing into your home freezer.
  • Approximately how long ago was my beef processed?
    Generally, our beef is sold within several weeks of it being processed.
  • Can I make changes to my order?
    Changes to your custom order can be made up to the point of processing. Once the processor has begun to process the meat no changes will be able to be made.
  • Are the cattle raised and harvested humanely?
    As stewards of the land and the animals that call it home, we take our responsibility of ethical and humane treatment of our animals seriously. We husband our animals throughout their life and we ensure their lives here are lived as comfortably and stress free as possible.
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