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December at West Cattle Company

Hello December,

Merry Christmas everybody! While this can sometimes be a very challenging time of year, it is by far the favorite time of year here at West Cattle Company. It is a time of reflection and a time to celebrate Christmas and its true meaning. We are so blessed to be able to do what we do and to care for a piece of this world that God created. We are thankful for his continued blessings and as I sit here writing this blog, late I will admit, I am watching the landscape slowly turn white with a fresh layer of snow, adding nourishment to a needy soil.

The cattle work is complete. The mommas have been turned out to pasture to focus on what they need to do to care for their new baby calves, which in a few short months, will begin to make their way into the world. We are starting to focus on things that have been pushed aside as the year progressed. This includes machinery repair and maintenance, book work, future planning and strategies for continued success, ranch planning, and in some cases, home renovations.

The heifer moms (first time mommas) are separated from the big herd and kept closer to home where we can keep a better eye on them since this is their first time carrying a baby calf through the winter months.

Many days this month have been spent inside, out of the occasionally unbearable wind, where its important to soak up those family moments. After all, isn’t family the reason why the ranch has survived for so many years. Family is number one here at West Cattle Company and if you are reading this blog, I hope that maybe in a round about way we have made you feel just a little bit like family.

So, in this Christmas season we would like to thank you for supporting us and following along during our ever-changing and ever-growing lives. We would like to thank all of you who serve or have family serving this country, and especially those who cannot be home during this time of year. You all are the reason we are free and we pray for your continued protection. Most of all, we want to thank God for giving us his only son Jesus, and for his many gifts in which he has so graciously provided to our family and to this country.

Merry Christmas Everybody! See you next year!

Till next time,

West Cattle Company

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