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1/4 Beef Deposit

At West Cattle Company, we raise 100% grass-fed and grass-finished Angus beef. All beef begin their journey on grass, but very few are grass finished, because in our world speed is king. We don’t allow that speed to interfere with how we do things here on the ranch. Our beef grows slowly, over two plus years, giving them the time to put weight on the natural way.


Our animals live a harmonious life grazing and roaming on our wide open spaces of the wild west. #livethelegend Our cattle graze approximately 11,000 acres of pasture each year, being rotated through the year, so they are provided ample nutrition.


Our cattle are an extension of our family and are vital to the continued success of West Cattle Company. Your beef begins its journey directly on our ranch, we care for them from the moment the calf hits the ground to the day we bring it to your door. We treat our animals with the utmost respect and care, using humane animal welfare practices. Our cattle are never introduced to artificial hormones or growth promotants. Our animals never see a feed lot. Ever. Our beef comes directly from our pasture to your table.




Deposits & Pricing


To initiate the ordering process, we require a deposit upon ordering. The remaining balance is due upon delivery. Deposits depend on the quantity of beef you order. For a ¼ beef the deposit is $100.


Currently, we charge $4.95/lb by the hanging weight minus the initial deposit. This price DOES NOT include processing. The $4.95/lb. charge goes to purchasing the animal only. The remaining balance will have the processing fees added to the final invoice. Cash or check is our preferred final payment option, but we do accept credit card payments with a 3% charge.




Hanging Weight vs. Packaged Weight


Hanging Weight: This is the weight of the butchered animal as it hangs in the locker to dry age. This weight does not include the head, hide, hooves, blood and innards, which have been removed.


Boxed Weight: This is the net weight of the meat you will receive that is packaged and ready for your freezer. You will be charged based on the hanging weight.


As a general rule on a well finished 100% grass-fed steer, the hanging weight is 52-55% of the live weight and the boxed weight is on average about 60% of the hanging weight. Our average, quarter beef, hanging weight for 2022 was 137.5 pounds.


Recommended Freezer Space: 5 cubic feet for a beef quarter.



Example on a 1/4 Beef: Hanging weight is 132.5 lbs. The packaged meat will be approximately 60% of the 132.5 lbs., which would give you 79.5 lbs. of packaged meat/boxed beef.


A 1/4 beef approximately comes with these items listed below. Please be aware that each animal is different and items vary depending on certain details (animal weight, steak cuts, size of roasts, etc.). This estimate below is based on cuts of 1" steak & 3 lb. roasts. Customer is responsible for processing fees.


Estimated 1/4 Custom Beef

30-35, 1 lb. packages ground hamburger OR 15 to 17, 2 lb. packages ground hamburger

4-6, 1" ribeye steaks

4-6, 1" t-bone steaks

3-4, 1" sirloin steaks

1-2, 3 lb. arm roasts

1-2, 3 lb. chuck roasts

1 rump roast

1, 2-3 lb. brisket




Processing Information


We harvest our 100% grass-fed and grass-finished Angus beef all year around. Once it is harvested, your beef takes around 3 weeks for your beef to be ready for delivery.


Please note that processing fees do change from time to time. Please click the button below for current prices and information on processing. Our USDA processors is 307 Meat Company in Laramie, Wyo.


Slaughter and processing charges begin @ $750 + taxes for a FULL beef. Estimate processing for a quarter to begin at $187.50 + tax.


Some processing requests do cost more money and vary from processor to processor. Always check with the processor before you have special cuts made to check prices. We are able to answer many questions on processing, so feel free to reach out to us or the processors directly.


NOTE: Processing fees for beef are subject to change. Please click the link: to see more processing information.


Please call our processing facility for current prices. Susan Wadsworth @ 307 Meat Company 307-343-9001.

1/4 Beef Deposit

  • Deposit

    To secure your beef share a $100 deposit is required. 

  • Pricing

     $4.95/lb by the hanging weight minus the initial deposit. This price DOES NOT include processing. The $4.95/lb. charge goes to purchasing the animal only.

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