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1/2 Pig Deposit

We are proud to offer our pastured raised hogs for sale. Since we only harvest pigs a few times a year, the quantity is very limited and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Ordering a 1/2 or whole hog is the best way to fill the freezer long term and at a more affordable price from our ranch. Ordering in bulk, allows you to fully customize your order. 


The hogs eat a mixture of wheat, sunflower meal, rice bran, flaxseed meal and minerals when not roaming around and rooting in our pastures. Once pigs reach their target weight of 260 lbs. they will be taken to the USDA certified processor, 307 Meat Company in Laramie, WY for processing. 


After your paid deposit, we will contact you and give you an estimate on when our next pig harvest will be available (typically July-October). Additionally, we will provide you with our USDA certified processors cut sheet, so you can customize your hog.


Please note that the $100 charge is only a deposit for the order. Price is based off our 2022 rate of $5.50/lb hanging weight. Once your order has been fulfilled, we will know the final cost based on the hanging weight. We expect the hanging weight of our hogs to be around 180+ lbs., so for a half that would be 90+ lbs.


We have you coordinate and pay the USDA certified processors directly as processing for hogs varies by your selection.  


Once your hog is ready for pick up we will coordinate delivery, or you can opt to pick up your hog yourself. If your processing isn't paid at the time we pick up the hogs you will be responsible for pick up. 


Deposits are non-refundable.

1/2 Pig Deposit

  • Deposit

    To secure your beef share a $100 deposit is required. 

  • Pricing

     $5.50/lb by the hanging weight minus the initial deposit. This price DOES NOT include processing. The $5.50/lb. charge goes to purchasing the animal only.