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Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef
pasture raised pork

Raised Right Cows


Family Owned and Operated Ranch


Quality Focused Meat


Our animals are considered an extension of our family and are treated with respect and care. Animals raised by West Cattle Company are never introduced to artificial hormones or growth promotants. Our animals never see a feedlot. Ever.

We are a small business and are proud of it! We will always work personally with you to make sure you are fully satisfied with our service. We love to work with you and would have it no other way.

We spend lots of time and attention to make sure everything is satisfactory.  Everything from feeding the animals to trucking them to the processor, to delivering your meat is done professionally and with the highest quality.

We're the Wests.

 Welcome to our Ranch.

What We Offer.

Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef

Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef

At West Cattle Company, we raise 100% grass-fed and grass-finished Angus beef. All beef begin their journey on grass, but very few are grass finished, because in our world speed is king. We don't allow that speed to interfere with how we do things here on the ranch. Our beef grows slowly, over two plus years, giving them them the time to put weight on the natural way. 

Pasture Raised Pork

Pasture Raised Pork

At West Cattle Company, we believe in raising our pasture raised pork to roam and root freely. When it comes to pork, nothing is more healthy for the animal or you than a pasture-raised pig. All of our livestock are raised without the use of antibiotics, steroids and added growth hormones. 


They have the best tasting beef!! And their service when delivering is amazing...good people. You definitely will not regret buying from the west family. 

Kerry Lynn

Amazing quality, best tasting beef I've ever had. This is the second year we've ordered from them, and I can't be happier with the new packaging plant they've chosen. Excellent customer service.

Nicole Yang

Just wanted to drop a quick note and tell you how delicious the pork is! We had pork chops last Sunday, and ham steak the other night....both amazing!

Andy Smith

I won't buy from anywhere else!

Minda Blevins

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Why Grass Finished and Pasture Raised? 

Most people have heard of grass fed beef, but not everyone has heard of grass fed and grass finished. Additionally, most people don't know what the health benefits are, especially heart health, finishing on grass provides...

Where to Find Us.

526 Richeau Rd. 
Wheatland, WY 82201

On a Road Trip from Wyoming to Ohio and a Few Stops in Between.


Delivered or Shipped Directly to your Door.


City Of Loveland Farmers Market

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